Our Esafety Guide and our Social Media Policy are all available to read online (see bottom of this page).  Our E-Safety Policy is available in the 政策 section of this website. 强烈建议所有家长仔细阅读这些文件, 学习如何保护自己的孩子.  The school also offers FREE onlne E-Safety training courses to parents through The Child Protection Company – just contact the 学校 Office for further details.

Reading 学校 releases regular E-Safety通讯s to help parents stay ahead of the latest trends online. They will be included in the weekly newsletter to parents, or you can find these attached below.

Thinkuknow, a website run by CEOP (part of the National Crime Agency) provides a range of advice and information for parents of secondary school pupils, 包括:

阅读学校  海报 让学生意识到他们可以做些什么来保持安全. These are displayed in classrooms, and communal areas throughout the school. 

亚博最新网站也要求所有的学生和他们的家长, 以及工作人员和州长, 签署亚博最新网站 ICT用户协议, to ensure that they are aware of and are complying with the 学校's policies and procedures in this area. 

Advice for parents about talking to your child about creating, sending or receiving explicit images
'Sexting' is an increasingly common activity among young people where they share inappropriate or explicit images online or through mobile phones.
作为父母, it is important to understand the risks so that you can talk to your child about how to stay safe and what to do if they ever feel scared or uncomfortable.
令人遗憾的是, there is a national concern related to young people (under the age of 18 years of age) engaging in sending/sharing inappropriate/indecent photographs of themselves or of other children via texts, SnapChat消息, 脸谱网, Instagram等. 由于这个全国性的关注, 学校已经收到了关于这个安全问题的建议, this information has been shared in an age appropriate manner with students via assemblies. 需要注意的主要因素包括:
The definition of sexting is 'images or videos generated by children under the age of 18 that are of a sexual nature or are considered to be indecent. These images may be shared between children and young people and/or adults via a mobile phone, 网络摄像头, 手持设备或网站.

The sharing of sexual videos and pictures of children under the age of 18, 即使孩子/年轻人分享了他们自己的照片, 是刑事犯罪-具体来说, crimes involving indecent photographs of a person under 18 years of age fall under Section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1978 and Section 160 Criminal Justice Act 1988.
Under this legislation it is a crime to take an indecent photograph or allow an indecent photograph to be taken; make an indecent photograph (this includes downloading or opening an image that has been sent via email/text/SnapChat etc.); distribute or show such an image; possess with the intention of distributing images; advertise and possess such images.
The school has been instructed that if anyone under the age of 18 years old shares/sends an explicit image of themselves, 或者任何人18岁以下的露骨照片, 或者有以上列出的任何行为, then they are duty-bound to consider consulting with the relevant external agencies ie. LSCB保安队,社会服务,警察. The school's default position will be that it will consult with external agencies should there be a significant age difference between the sender and receiver; if there is any sense of coercion, if the image is of a severe or extreme nature; if the situation is not isolated and the image has been more widely distributed; if it was not the first time an individual had been involved in a sexting act or if there was any malicious intent.

“性短信”是指自我生成的色情图片的交换, 通过手机图片信息或网络摄像头在互联网上.
'Sexting' is often seen as flirting by children and young people who feel that it's a part of normal life.
 点击这里 浏览有关性短信的资料简介
'Sexting' is more common than you may think and has been found to be commonplace amongst children and young people.
There was a 28% increase in calls to ChildLine in 2012/13 that mentioned 'sexting' than in 2011/12 - nearly one every day.
Most young people do not see 'sexting' as a problem and are reluctant to talk to adults about it because they are afraid of being judged or having their phones taken away.
Sending pictures and inappropriate content has become normal teenage behaviour.
年轻人可能认为“性短信”是无害的行为,但它是有风险的. Taking, sharing or receiving an image, even voluntarily, can have a long-lasting negative impact.
发“性短信”可能很常见,但它是非法的. By sending an explicit image a young person is producing and distributing child abuse images and risks being prosecuted, 即使照片是在他们允许的情况下拍摄和分享的.
It's easy to send a photo or message, but the sender has no control about how it's passed on. 当图像被存储或在网上共享时,它们就会被公开. They can be deleted on social media or may only last a few seconds on apps like Snapchat, 但是图像仍然可以被其他人保存或复制.
These images may never be completely removed and could be found in the future, 例如,在申请工作或大学时.
Young people may think 'sexting' is harmless, but it can leave them vulnerable to:
An offender may threaten to share the pictures with the child's family and friends unless the child sends money or more images.
If images are shared with their peers or in school, the child may be bullied.
网上发布的图片会引起性犯罪者的注意, 谁知道怎么搜索, 收集和修改图像.
孩子们会感到尴尬和羞辱. 如果他们非常痛苦,这可能导致自杀或自残.